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Hudl Focus indoor, outdoor, and portable cameras

Record, upload, livestream—all automatically.

Hudl Focus auto-tracking cameras follow the action without a cameraperson.

The future of film is here.

Our sports cameras get you reliable HD video from the perfect angle. Focus automatically starts on time, and follows the action to the end.

Hudl Focus app integration

Make filming easy with automatic Hudl integration.

Total control from the Focus app

Synced schedules

Automatic Hudl uploads

Automatic updates

Livestream your way.

Focus makes it easy to stream your sporting events. Send the feed to YouTube or to your choice of broadcast software options. You decide whether to monetize it (or not).

Hudl focus camera livestream

No matter where you play, Focus has you covered.

All games in Focus-equipped gyms and stadiums—whether home, away or at a neutral site—will be automatically uploaded to your Hudl library with the Focus Exchange Network.

Set it and forget it.

Choose a camera with one-time installation, or our portable, weatherproof camera. Either way, it's easy to set up and ready to record whenever you need it.

Focus on coaching.

Your staff can forget about the logistics and concentrate on their teams.

Every team has access.

Anyone playing in front of a Focus auto-tracking camera will get quality film of games, practices and scrimmages.

Take it from them.

“We get more coaches on the field, we’re getting better film, better information, and a better idea of the context behind each play call. You’re also getting the ability for the parents to see their kids’ games. That’s a huge deal.”

Jonathan Coats

Lake Travis High School, Austin, Texas

“The last thing you want to do as you're getting ready for a game is to find someone to film. To have it all set and all you have to do is press a button on your phone, and you’re all covered? It makes game day prep a lot easier.”

Cara Doyle

Basketball Coach, Saint Ignatius College Prep

Bring everyone into focus.

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